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Fitness Hotel in Strasbourg

Fitness/Exercise room

Keeping up with your healthy lifestyle and active life is possible during your stay at K Hotel.

To keep fit, customers can access the fitness room every day from 7 am to 11 pm. In this bright room lined with windows facing outside, 7 latest-generation Techno-Gym machines are available.

Whether you want to have a session for improving your cardio system, have a more intense muscle-building workout, or just spend some time in the gym after a long day, we have a collection of high-range equipment available for you.


  • 1 rowing machine: with solid health benefits and low impact on the joints, it will help you tone your muscles and slim done your silhouette.
  • 1 stationary bicycle: ideal for building up your leg muscles and burning calories.
  • 1 elliptical machine: it allows you to develop cardio-vascular endurance and tone 2/3 of the body's muscles.        
  • 2 tread mills: ideal for jogging in the comfort of the fitness room.
  • 1 multi-functional weight lifting bench (leg extension, peck-deck, vertical pull bar, lumbar bench, etc.): for a complete muscle-building session !
  • 1 device for building abdominal and lumbar muscles

You need to be dressed in active wear when using the equipment (no trainers worn outside).